Chapter Four

Session 10

Cleansing the Temple

Players Present

Flocktime 8 (continued…again!)

The entire group meets up at the Temple of Aarth after separating during the earlier in the evening.

As they are getting settled, some attackers break into the temple and begin their assault. Things get a bit complicated because the invaders are dressed the same as the priests of Aarth.

There is a big fight.

The heroes are victorious.

After the battle, Thuron takes the party aside and reveals that he is actually a serpent person named K’Ral that discovered Thuron dead at his desk several years ago, and has been impersonating him ever since. K’ral tells the party that he is the last priest of Yig, and that the Cult of the Yellow Sign must be stopped before their goals (whatever they may be) come to fruition.

The party decides to hide in the forest for several days until things in town settle down. They arrange for Egil to know where they will be, so he can bring them news as events warrant.

End session.



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