Chapter Four

Session 2

Start the Investigation

Players Present

Planting 5th (continued)

The story picks up in Freeport where it left off last session. The party decides to search Lucius’ house. Egil shows them where it is, and then departs for his job at the Temple of Aarth. Once inside, the party searches for quite a while before finding anything of interest. Eventually, they find a to do list written by Lucius. Among other, more mundane items, is “Talk to Captain Scarbelly”, as well as “Update Diary” and “Examine Travel Logs”.

As it is approaching evening, the group heads to the The Scholar’s Quill, the inn recommended by Egil. After they finish dinner, they hang out in the taproom. Braast disappears on his own mysterious business. A couple of strangely matched people approach, asking if they know Captain Rollo. Once their identities are confirmed, they hand over a letter written in Orcish that Rollo discovered among the papers taken from Scarbelly’s cabin. The letter is written to Scarbelly from Master Wizard Kenzil and has exact information about where a certain staff can be found in Ishta’s cabin on the Coral Princess. It looks like Kenzil was looking for that staff in particular and hired Scarbelly and his crew to acquire it. The two newcomers, Darius and Jorak, decide that this looks like an interesting group and ask to join the party.

Planting 6th

In the morning, they go to the temple of Aarth and request an audience with High Priest Thuron. They are met by his assistant, Milos, who says that such a meeting is impossible since Thuron is extremely busy with important temple matters. Milos will try to answer their questions. In the end, his answers don’t satisfy the party. He seems to feel that searching for “any librarian that fails to report to work” is a waste of time. He has not heard of Kenzil, and only knows Scarbelly by his reputation as a notorious pirate.

After this frustrating meeting, the group splits up. Braast, Daruis, Heylyn, and Jorak go to the docks to see if anyone there saw Lucius book passage on a ship leaving Freeport. Ishta, Kindric, Nathen, and Talis return to Lucius’ house to see if there is anything they might have missed. They cast detect magic upstairs and in the basement, but discover nothing new. They then head to rejoin the others at the docks. After a fruitless afternoon of searching, they are returning to the Scholar’s Quill for the evening to make plans for the next step of their search.

The party is almost back to the inn, and are passing through a narrow alley, when they are ambushed by a gang. There are several crossbowmen on the roof, some swordsmen, and a mage. During the battle, the close quarters means that the sneakier members of the party can’t work effectively and Braast almost dies (twice). It is a very tough fight, but eventually the party is victorious. As the bodies of their foes are being looted, they find some treasure, as well as a note.

End of session.


The only thing I can add is the treasure we’ve accumulated so far… We’ve split most of the $$ up as we found it, but by my notes we have some items we can sell later: Thugs on the dock: 7 clubs 7 saps Bad guys in the alley: 5 short swords 4 light cross bows (all the bolts were taken by players) A wizard’s brooch A Battle axe A dagger with an ivory handle with the letter “L” carved into it; we took this from the leader of the group that attacked us in the alley (Lucius?)

We are still carrying some $$ that hasn’t been split up: 5 sp and 10 gp. Maybe we should just start a group kitty with it.

Session 2

Also, we’ve heard people talking a lot about the new lighthouse that is being built on the next island. This is a pet project of the ruler of Freeport, Milton (aka the Sea Lord), and he has raised taxes to pay for it. He has also cut back on the guards in Freeport to save money so he can spend it on the lighthouse. There is strife in the captain’s council because of this.

Session 2

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