Chapter Four

Session 3

Temple of the Unspeakable One

Players Present

Planting 6th (continued) & 7th.

After looting the bodies of the Yellow Shields that attacked them (see Session 2), the group heads back to the inn to re-group. They decide to check out the Black Gull Tavern mentioned on the note they found on the leader of the Yellow Shields. Jorak and Talis decide to stay behind and rest up from the battle. They arrive at the Tavern around 9:00 and have a few drinks while they wait. While there, they notice a man sitting in the corner that seems decidedly out of place in the rough atmosphere of the dockside tavern. As time passes, he appears to get more and more nervous. Shortly after midnight, he leaves the bar and is followed by the party. He walks into an alley, and Braast grabs him. He immediately wilts, cowering and begging for his life. He admits that his name is Enzo, and he is attempting to curry favour with a group that he knows only as “The Brotherhood”. He was asked to hire the Yellow Shields to attack the party, an action which obviously didn’t go according to plan. Even under duress, he can’t say much about the Brotherhood, as he has not yet been trusted with much information. He was to bring proof that his mission was completed to an abandoned house where he has met with his master several times previously. With the added encouragement of some personal violence, he agrees to lead the party to the house.

The building is certainly deserted, with all the windows bricked up, and nothing but some garbage and piles of crumbling masonry inside. At the back of the house are some stairs leading down to the basement. A few people start heading to the stairs, and Enzo makes a break for the door. Braast slams him into the door, knocking him unconscious. The group heads down the stairs, dragging Enzo behind them. The basement consists of one fairly large room with nine large wine barrels, four of which are still filled with some well-spoiled wine. After some searching, they discover a secret door behind the barrel in the north-west corner of the room. This leads into a narrow passage down some stairs into the Temple of the Unspeakable One. Braast hangs back as the rest of the party proceeds around a corner, dumping Enzo face-down into a full barrel of the rancid wine before catching up to the rest of the group.Ishta is in the lead, and barely avoids falling into a concealed pit trap at the first intersection. The rest of the party passes around the trap, which resets after they pass. This means that Braast, who is still catching up, doesn’t realize the trap is there and falls into it. This does nothing to endear the rest of the group to him.

The group cautiously listens at the northen and eastern doors, and discovers a secret door at the western end of the intersection. Braast and Heylyn open the east door, which opens to reveal a large, dark and octagonal room. The rest of the group opens the secret door and are attacked by eight serpent people. The fight is over quickly with the serpent people on the losing side. While the fight is going on, Braast and Heylyn investigate the initiation room to the east. At the far side, there is a table with incense, two candles and a gong. They light the candles and incense and strike the gong several times. As the gong rings for the third time, black tentacles erupt from the depression in the middle of the room. * Everyone in the room (Braast, Heylyn & Ishta) feels their sanity slipping away with the horror of what they see. After this incident, they remove a few potential valuables and throw the gong down into the shallow pit. Everyone then heads to the northern door. This opens to reveal a long, wide corridor that continues north for 50’ before angling off to the north east. There is a door on either side of the passage.

Braast opens the first door, and closes it immediately. He reports that there are a large number of skeletons rising in the middle of the room. After getting organized, they open the door and Kindric attempts to turn the skeletons. He succeeds spectacularly, managing to destroy all of them. With the threat dispensed with, the party is free to loot the room, which turns out to be the cult’s treasury. There is a large amount of gold and silver, along with some gems, a potion and a heavy shield.

The door across the hall from the treasury is a library. It is filled with many ancient books , but there is one in particular that holds pride of place on the reading desk. This is the Book of the Unspeakable One. Heylyn takes it for perusal at a later date. Also on the desk are several notes and letters, mostly updates on the progress of the Lighthouse of Drac, and a letter from someone named N’Tal.

Further to the north, the corridor ends at a set of double doors. Listening reveals some kind of activity, but it is not possible to determine what is happening. When the door is opened, the party can see a brightly lit room with pillars carved like serpents. There is an altar on a dais at the far end of the room, and Milos is standing behind it taunting the party. There are also two attendant clerics on either side of the altar, partially concealed behind the pillars. The battle ensues, with spells flying from both sides. Heylyn’s magic missle fails to reach Milos, and arrows seem to have trouble hitting as well. The rouges hang back, as they are both sorely wounded from previous encounters. Likewise, the spellcasters of the group are not able to attack with their full abilities because they have all depleted most of their magical energies earlier in the day. After a long battle, the party is eventually victorious. As they are checking for treasure behind the altar, they discover Lucius, badly tortured and barely conscious.

After using their last healing spell on Lucius, he sighs with relief and thanks his rescuers profusely. They saved him from certain, painful death, and for that he is eternally grateful. Lucius blurts out the whole tale of his possession, return, and subsequent trouble. (See Lucius’ bio.) He explains that Milos sent him on an errand to the bricked-up house, where he was overpowered and taken below. Milos spoke of the extraplanar entities, but he did not name them nor say why they studied other worlds. Sometime during this questioning, Milos revealed his true form. The sinister serpent man then tortured Lucius, asking question after question about his memories of the other plane. Clearly Milos believed that valuable knowledge was locked in Lucius’s head, but the librarian could not tell him very much. The cultist became increasingly frustrated, and told Lucius repeatedly that he was going to kill him—he probably would have, without the party’s timely intervention.

The party also discovers some magical items and a bit more gold on the bodies of the evil clerics, then heads back to the streets of Freeport, blocking the secret door behind them on their way out.

End of session.


Treasure from this session: From skeleton chests: 1500 sp each 123 gp each (83 gp each from chest, 40 gp each from gems) Ishta gets a magical shield = +1 heavy shielf of arrow deflection Braast pockets a potion, but no one knows about it (except of course, I’ve just written it down for all of us to know about!)

From Milos: keyring with keys magical ring of protection +2 (Heylyn gets this) wand of dimension door with 3 charges (Heylyn also gets this) pouch with three gold rings = 12 gp each 15 gp that goes in the group kitty

On the 3 Guards: 3 scale mail 3 light cross bows (did we get any bolts with this? I didn’t write it down if we did) 3 maces 3 daggers with a serpent grip

When we return to the library, they offer us 250 gp for the books we brought back, or 400 gp towards research on the topic of our choice.

Session 3

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