Chapter Four

Session 3A

Something's Cooking!

Mini-game for players unable to attend Session 3.

Players Present

  • Cory (Jorak Dinbeard) via Skype
  • Paul (Talis)

Planting 6th (continued) & 7th.

After looting the bodies of the Yellow Shields that attacked them (see Session 2), the group heads back to the inn to re-group. While most of the party decides to check out the Black Gull Tavern mentioned on the note they found on the leader of the Yellow Shields, Jorak and Talis decide to stay behind and rest up from the battle. As they are enjoying some ale in the tap room of the The Scholars Quill, the innkeeper (Shem) approaches them and asks if they would be willing to carry a message to a friend of his named Gendrew, who lives just outside Freeport. He explains that Gendrew is a chef, and he has need of a caterer for an upcoming banquet. If they agree to carry the note, he will give them free meals and lodging for 3 days. The pair agree to the job, and head out along the road to the west of the city.

They approach the small cottage belonging to Gendrew and knock on the door. There is no answer, after several attempts, which arouses some suspicion. They explore around the house and find nothing obviously amiss. The barn looks as though it hasn’t held horses for a while, but is instead being used to grow several varieties of mushrooms. Heading back to the house, they discover that the back door is locked, but the front door is open. They cautiously enter the house. The hallway appears normal, but they can hear some faint sounds coming from the room on the right. This turns out to be a cozy sitting room. There are some comfy chairs, a sofa, a fireplace, tapestries and artwork, as well as a desk and some bookshelves. The sounds seem to be coming from the door to the north, and listening closer, they can determine that there seems to be someone (or something) ripping paper on the other side of the door. They ready weapons and peek through the door. They are immediately attacked by a small, winged devil. The imp is quickly dispatched with some good teamwork from the two heroes. Once that is dealt with, they turn their attention to the rest of the room. It is a bedroom, with a badly beaten man tied up on the bed. It looks as though As near as they can tell, this is Gendrew. In brief periods of lucidity, the unfortunate chef informs Jorak and Talis that there is a berserk golem in the kitchen. He also tells them that they are welcome to use any of the potions in a chest next to the bed if they are required.

Jorak and Talis load up on potions from the chest, then return to the sitting room. As they are checking things out, they accidentally disturb a book lying open on the desk. The book attacks Talis, but he manages to get a grip on it, and Jorak “kills” it with his spear. Further investigations reveal a magically animated poker near the fireplace, but it is also dispatched with little difficulty.

The explorations then head off into the other rooms in the house. There is nothing remarkable about the privy, although it wasn’t searched fully! Likewise, there is nothing very interesting about the dining room. The kitchen, however, is another matter. It looks like it has been totally ransacked. There are pots and pans scattered about the floor, broken bottles, boxes and jars of ingredients strewn all over, and large, toeless footprints tracking around the entire room. The foot prints seem to lead toward a door in the north-west corner of the kitchen, which is held closed with a chair braced against the doorknob. As they are investigating the mess, Talis hears crackling in the stove. Quickly looking in, they discover an upset fire elemental. They quickly slam the door shut, trapping it inside. Finding nothing else of interest, they head to the other door. Listening at the door, they can hear some loud footsteps and periodic smashing wood. They open the door, revealing stairs leading down into a basement pantry. Once downstairs, they find a strange humanoid figure in the centre of the room which appears to be made entirely of pastry. It turns to attack! Talis hits the creature with his sword, and the wound spurts out a stream of burning hot tomato sauce, which damages Talis in return. Jorak throws his spear, but misses spectacularly, losing his balance. The calzone golem, in it’s haste to hit back, also slips and falls to the ground. Talis hits again, and is again rewarded with a burn from the hot sauce. Jorak decides not to close to melee range and readies his sling. The golem regains it’s footing, but misses again. Talis once again hits, and suffers another burn. Jorak’s slung stone finds it’s mark, damaging the golem slightly. The golem emits a cloud of noxious fumes; Talis breathes in the fumes, but manages to fight off the nauseating effects, and delivers the killing blow to the golem. There is nothing of use left in the cellar, so the two adventurers return upstairs.

Once back in the bedroom, they are tending to Gendrew when they hear the front door open. Very shortly, a woman enters the bedroom, demanding to know what they are doing to her husband. It turns out that she is Andolyn, Gendrew’s wife and a fairly powerful wizard. Once Jorak and Talis reassure her that they aren’t the source of the destruction in her home (most of it, anyway), she thanks them for their assistance. She says that the imp was probably sent by a more powerful devil that she had a falling out with some time ago. She says that the calzone golem was created by herself and Gendrew, and was normally a peaceful guardian in their home. Apparently, the imp somehow caused it to become enraged, then locked it in the cellar when threatened. She once again thanks the them, and offers some gold and some magical bracers, as well as the unused potions they took earlier. She also says that if they need any magic in the future, she might be able to assist them. With that, they return to Freeport, only to find that their friends still haven’t returned to the inn.

End of session.



Hmmm, heroes, eh? Pretty heroic stuff to fight a giant pizza pop!

Session 3A

We were gonna take out the Pilsbury Doughboy as an encore but it got late.

Session 3A

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