Chapter Four

Session 6

Two Heads are Bitter, Then One

Players Present

Note that some characters were played by another player due to absences.

Planting 22 (continued)

The game starts with the party traveling back to Newkeep while having a discussion about the poem left on the chapel walls by the ettin. When they arrive at the village, they see that disaster has befallen the townsfolk since they’ve been gone. Muck, the ettin, having escaped his bonds, has run amuck (pun intended) in the village, destroying three houses and killing ten more villagers. Restick, the village priest says that the constable – already very angry about the ettin killing his father recently – has vowed revenge and took a dozen men to seek out the ettin’s lair. Restick is concerned that those men are headed for their certain death so he pleads with the party to intervene. After a brief time to regroup, they follow the ettin’s tracks away from the village. This isn’t a difficult task, since Muck was enraged and made no effort to conceal his path.

The trail leads back to the tower at Oldkeep. It is well into the night when the party arrives, and Muck has fallen asleep, leaving the Kiernan head awake and contemplating his fate. He is sure that the villagers will try to kill him once and for all after this latest atrocity. When the party arrives, Darius, Heylyn and Jorak remain outside to watch for the presumed appearance of the mob of angry villagers. The rest of the group enters the tower to speak to Kiernan about their interpretation of the poem, and Talis heads to the roof of the tower to keep an eye on the situation from above. Kiernan admits that before he was transformed, he was perhaps overzealous in his efforts to fulfill his duty to his deity. He punished evil-doers more than was strictly necessary, and often in a cruel manner. He immediately began praying to Hieronious for forgiveness in the hope that he would be granted the dispel magic spell that would allow him to remove the curse placed upon him.

While this is going on, the watchers hear the approach of the villagers. Darius immediately heads into hiding, while Heylyn and Jorak block the path in an attempt to reason with the villagers, sure that they will all be killed if Muck awakes. This doesn’t work well, as Malwick is adamant about killing the ettin, and won’t listen to any arguments to the contrary. The other villagers don’t feel as strongly as their leader, but are willing to follow him. Malwick tells his posse to fan out and surround the tower. At this point, Darius attempts to lure some of the innocent militia men away from danger. He creates a lot of noise and tries to make it sound like he is the ettin. When four of the militia break off from the main group to investigate, he leads them on a merry chase before doubling back to the tower.

At the first sign of this approaching trouble, everyone hurries outside to confront the situation, except Talis who is still on the roof, and Ishta who bars the main door and then moves toward the stairs – ready to climb to safety shold things take a turn for the worse. She does, however, stay close enough to keep an eye on the ettin.

Meanwhile, Heylyn tries to block Malwick’s way, but he pushes past and starts shouting, calling the ettin out. Jorak heads to the side of the road to intercept the approaching villagers. He casts a fog spell, obscuring their vision and slowing their way. Any of them that emerge from the fog are persuaded to re-think their actions and warned of their impending death at the hands of the ettin.

Unfortunately, Malwick’s shouting awakens the Muck head, and he immediately takes control of their shared body. He charges the door in a rage, but cannot break through. Keirnan continues to pray fervently, despite the added distractions. Ishta attempts a spell to weaken the ettin, but misses. Shortly afterward, the ettin manages to break through the door, knocking Malwick backward. A close-quarters melee combat ensues, with the ettin on one side and the majority of the party (and their summoned allies), Malwick, and several villagers that were unwilling to be swayed from their decision to fight. The battle does not go well for the militia, with Malwick and another man quickly knocked out of the fight. The ettin takes some damage, but doesn’t seem badly wounded, when Keirnan’s pleas to his god get results. He immediately casts dispel magic on himself, now that he has been granted the spell, and instantly returns to his own form. He immediately heals the dying Malwick, while Kindric does the same for the other villager. Keirnan then gives thanks for his redemption while apologizing for the damage that was caused by the other head of his transformed body.

Planting 23

The party, the newly-transformed Keirnan and the re-grouped villagers decide to stay in the tower for the night, which passes peacefully. The following morning, they head back to Newkeep for a bittersweet celebration of the demise of the ettin. The villagers are relieved to be rid of the ettin, but still have to rebuild the bridge that it destroyed and bury the most recent victims. Keirnan is quite grateful to the party for coming up with the solution to his problem, and tells them that he should be at the temple of Heironious in Rel Astra in the next month or so if they need to speak with him or if they need any assistance that he can offer. For now, he will be in Newkeep helping the rebuilding efforts.

Planting 24 – 29

The next day, the party sets out for Rel Astra so they can sail back to Freeport and rejoin the other members of their group. While in the Rel Astra, they investigate the amulet that they found in Kenzil’s posessions in the tower. The young wizard that identifies it says that it aids in spellcraft, and that there is another charm of some sort that he didn’t have the skill to analyze.

Planting 30 – Flocktime 5

The voyage back to Freeport passes peacefully, and the group arranges to be dropped off to the west of the city. They again ask for hospitality from Gendrew and Andolyn while they figure out who can safely enter the city after the fight at the lighthouse last month. Unknown to them, Braast and Nathen have received another plea of help from their friend Brother Egil. It sounds like things are again amiss in the City of Freeport, or perhaps they are still amiss…

End session.



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