Chapter Four

Session 7

Players Present

Flocktime 5

The majority of the party that has just returned to Freeport reunites with Braast and Nathen at The Scholars Quill. Darius decides to remain outside the city until he figures out if he is still wanted by the authorities for his involvement in the attack at the lighthouse a month ago. Braast and Nathen inform the rest of the group that Brother Egil has again approached them asking for help. The gist of his plea is that several nights ago, he had helped Lucius home after he experienced a flash-back of his possession. Egil fell asleep at Lucius’ house and awakened in the middle of the night to find an intruder searching for something in Lucius’ desk. The dark figure apparently found what it was looking for and left, not knowing that Egil observed what happened. Egil’s impression was that the intruder might have been a serpent person and he is now asking for the party to investigate whether the serpent people are still active in Freeport and what their plans might be. If they manage this task, he will pay each of them 110gp.

Egil says that he was looking through some of Milos’ old papers and discovered that he had booked rooms in an inn in the old city under yet another assumed name, Devlin. The party decides to investigate, and finds that the inn in question is run down, and obviously not too popular. With a bit of a bribe to the bar-man, Heylyn and Nathen are allowed to search the room belonging to the one-time priest of the Unspeakable One. The room is small, and contains some bookshelves, among other common items. The bookshelves reveal several strange items, including six albino cave rats that are apparently preserved in liquid filled jars. The strange thing is that the rats appear to be still alive! Nathen takes these jars as a curiosity, and also finds a book that has a sketch of the lighthouse on the last page. The sketch has some arrows pointing to various locations on the structure and some strange (possibly mathematical) symbols as well. Nathen takes this book as well, and the two men return to the common room.

As the party is heading out of the inn, they hear cries for help and see four large orcs bullying a teenage boy. They intervene, and the boy hides behind them while the orcs attack. The orcs put up a good fight, but are defeated by the heroes. During the fight, the boy sneak attacks Heylyn and then turns to run. He is quite fast, and manages to elude the creatures that the party summons to pursue him. Heylyn and Nathen give chase and manage to keep on his trial until they lose it near the abandoned house that is the secret entrance to the Temple of the Unspeakable One. One orc survives the battle; his wounds are bandaged and he is dragged back to the inn for questioning once he awakens.

Flocktime 6

The following morning, the party heads to the Temple of Knowledge. There, they speak with Brother Egil again and get some information about Councilor Verlaine. They also ask Egil to see what he can discover about the book with the drawing of the lighthouse covered with mysterious symbols.

After this, Braast asks the group to accompany him to the Wizard’s Guild. Once there, they speak with the doorman, who will not allow them access to the tower, but will answer some questions. Braast mentions that he has found a grimoire, and wishes to return it. As the doorman is examining it, and before Braast can name a price, the porter thanks him and keeps the book. This annoys Braast, who says some harsh words, to which the doorman replies with a warning about not angering wizards. Ishta tries to question him about Kenzil, but he seems a bit put out with the party and refuses to answer.

The next stop for the party is to check out the entrance to the Temple of the Unspeakable One. Once there, they discover that the old house is now guarded by several city guards. The guards each have a patch on their sleeve with the letter V in a circle. The guards refuse to allow the group inside, and are somewhat reluctant to give them any information, other than that the city is having the temple cleaned out, and it’s none of their business what’s happening.

The party decides to split up to gather information more efficiently. Heylyn and Ishta visit Lucius to see if he can shed some light on the next step of their investigation. They spend a nice afternoon sipping tea, but don’t discover anything useful. Nathen and Braast attempt to speak with Captain Lydon, hoping that he can tell them what the city is doing in the old temple. Unfortunately, Lydon is in council session and can’t be interrupted. They leave a note for him requesting a meeting at the inn later that evening. Jorak returns to the inn to question the orc from the battle the previous day. He heals the orc so it regains consciousness. The only information that is forthcoming is that the “messenger boy” hired the orcs to menace him, then turn on the party when they tried to assist. Apparently, the boy’s name is Cal. Talis and Kindric return once again to the run-down house to see if they can find a way to gain access. The guards appear to be alert, but there might be a way to sneak inside through a bricked-up window in the back, or through the roof.

As evening approaches, the party regroups at the inn. Once there, they notice that it appears that their rooms have been searched. Nothing appears to be missing, but things are slightly out of place. The innkeeper appears shocked and dismayed that this happened in his inn, and he promises to keep a very close eye on things in the future. A messenger seeks out Nathen and Braast with a note from Lydon. The note says that he is too busy to meet with them at this time.

Dusk settles over Freeport, and the heroes decide to take some action after a long, frustrating day. They head out to see if they can discover anything that might have been left behind in the Temple of the Unspeakable One. Once there, Heylyn and Talis distract the guards by speaking with them. At the end of the conversation, Jorak summons a pack of wolves for even more distraction, and the whole group slips into the shack through a hole they make in the roof. They spend the next couple of hours cautiously searching the temple. There appears to have been some activity in the tunnels; some large objects have been dragged through the dust, apparently something heavy was dragged toward the entrance.

The party spreads out to try to watch all the various passages and rooms. Braast in particular is separated as he watches the secret passage leading toward the underground lake. The rest of the group eventually ends up in the temple proper, having discovered nothing in the rest of the complex. As they investigate, the secret door in the corner opens and a large group of serpent people burst out. With them is a female cleric and the familiar face of Cal, the messenger. The battle is joined, and once again the heroes are victorious, but it isn’t an easy fight. Braast hears the noise and tries to come at the enemies from the rear through the secret tunnels, but by the time he gets there, the battle is over.

As they search the cave that the attack came from, they find a crate that had been dropped when the serpent people charged. It is addressed to:

From: Bierce Vintners

To: 100 Wave Avenue (Cellar)

Inside are 6 golden goblets and several ordinary bricks.

It is now quite late in the evening, and the party decides to rest here for the rest of the night.

End Session



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