Chapter Four

Session 8

Trapped like a rat in a sewer.

Players Present

Flocktime 7

The party has a peaceful night in the ruined Temple of the Unspeakable One, or at least as peaceful as possible in a place dedicated to the worship of an ancient evil. Perhaps “uneventful” is a better word.

The only place in the temple that the party feels hasn’t been explored enough yet is the lake. After much time and thought, they come up with the idea of casting a light spell on a scrap of wood and getting Cowl the Owl to carry it around the perimeter of the cave, and summoning a porpoise to swim down, then using Speak with Animals to ask what it found. Neither of these returned satisfactory results – the dolphin couldn’t “see” the bottom, and cowl couldn’t find any place that looked like an opening at water level.

Around noon, after their fruitless search, the decision is made to leave the temple. Some of the party tries to sneak out, but others want to just charge out. The break-out group surprises the guards that are still outside. No weapons are drawn, but the guards blow thier whistles and perhaps get a look at the group as they run past.

The party heads back to the Temple of Knowledge. They make arrangements with Egil to meet them tonight at the Scholar’s Quill. They then return to the inn to clean up from their adventure, then some of the group head off on various errands.

Nathen and Talis seek out a particular curio shop to sell the remaining pickled undead rats. Then they stroll casually past 100 Wave Ave. It looks like it is one of the richest houses in the ritziest section of town.

Braast decides to mend some fences and returns to the Wizard’s Guild to apologize for his previous behaviour. The apology is accepted, and the gatekeeper (the same one as the previous day) seems to mellow a bit, even if he still doesn’t seem overly friendly.

Around supper time, the party reunites at the inn. Egil comes to meet them, and suggests that they might be able to find some more information at the Hall of Records.

As night falls, Darius rejoins the rest of the party. He managed to sneak into town without attracting the attention of the guards, but it is still not known how much trouble he might be in.

Flocktime 8

The party again splits up, with several members going to try to set up an appointment with Captain Lydon. They leave another message, but are not allowed to see him. The rest of the group visits the hall of records. The grouchy old man in charge of the city’s records is surly at first, but once it is discovered that neither party is very fond of Councilor Verlaine, he warms right up. He says that some of Verlaine’s soldiers were there several days ago demanding to see certain documents. Upon examination of these papers, it looks as if the guards were interested in the sewers under Freeport for some reason. There looks to be a smudge on a street near the entrance of the Temple of the Unspeakable One. With this possible lead, they return to the inn to meet with their companions.

While they are deciding what to do, Brother Egil enters the inn in a state approaching panic. He says that the Cult of the Yellow Signhas once again kidnapped his friend Lucius. The party agrees to help after Egil tells them that The Temple of Aarth has arranged for a sympathetic councilor to make the party wards of the Temple; immune to arrest and bringing punishment on anyone that harms them. Buoyed by this news, the party (plus Egil) set out to find their friend. The most promising place to search, according to Egil is the sewers. They head to the eastern district and find that the grate on the entrance to the sewers has been unlocked and left partially open. They descend into the effluvium of the city. By the end of the following hour, they are liberally covered in shit and other, more vile things. After traveling for a hour in a generally eastward direction, they come across a gate blocking the next passage.

This gate also looks like it has been passed through recently. The bars in one section are loose and a person can slip through without too much trouble. The passage then dead-ends about 100’ further along. There is a concealed door at the end. As the door is being opened, Darius notices that something seems odd about Egil, but he’s not sure what is wrong. Most of the party enters the room. Egil enters just ahead of Braast, Kindric and Jorak. Darius is watching him closely, but is still taken by surprise when he shoulders the door closed.

At the moment that the door to the room closes, a rumbling starts. This increases until the room starts shaking and the floor begins to tilt away from the door. The ceiling opens up and the shaking increases. Between frantic attempts to hold on, a few people notice a small window high up on the now-exposed wall. A face can be seen peeking through the window, but no details can be made out. There are quite a number of close calls – some very close. It appears that this room is used for crushing rock, as large rollers are visible to a few of the party that end up suspended over the end of the floor, which is now a ramp.

As the shaking starts to subside, Nathen manages to climb up above the level of the ceiling. The ceiling closes, trapping Nathen in the upper half of the room. He investigates the window and sees some levers that he assumes are used to control the crusher room. When the man in the control room sees Nathen, he runs toward a door at the far end of the room, but a couple of arrows from Nathen end his escape (and his life).

Meanwhile, the rest of the party manages to open the door, which locked while the crusher was running. Egil tries to make a run for it, but he barely gets through the broken gate when the party catches up with him. He is quickly killed. When his body is searched, his face seems to be someone else, not Egil. He has no treasure, but there is a small jar of ointment labeled “Pigment of Disguise”.

End Session



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