The temple to the God of Knowledge is one of the largest in Freeport. A repository of ancient scrolls and arcane learning, it is a magnet to scholars and wizards alike. In addition to priests, the temple employs a large group of librarians, who maintain the collection and deal with visitors. Lucius was one of these librarians. He had grown up in the temple and lived to serve.

Six years ago, something very strange happened to Lucius. An extraplanar entity stole his body, displacing his consciousness and taking over his existence. For five years, the alien mind controlled Lucius’s body, seeking to learn as much about the world as it could. The new “Lucius,” nothing like the old, was expelled from the temple within a year for violating the sanctum. He then left Freeport altogether, traveling the world for four years before returning. When the real Lucius returned to his rightful body, he did not remember where he had been or what he had done, and was mortified to learn of his possessor’s activities in his absence. With deep shame he approached the temple, asking for forgiveness and re-admittance. He offered the priests an amazing collection of scrolls and artifacts, apparently accumulated while his possessor journeyed abroad. They were in such awe of this collection that they reinstated Lucius and forgave him his transgressions. Both he and the priests were now happy, and each tried to forget the librarian’s strange behavior. Life for Lucius was tranquil for the next eight months. His life fell into its old patterns. The calmness of the library soothed him, and he lost himself in a world of books, scrolls, and artifacts.

Then the dreams came. Lucius awoke screaming every night, again and again, his brain reeling with strange memories of gargantuan, cyclopean cities, monstrous creatures, and unspeakable rites. At first he hoped that the nightmares would simply go away; instead, they got worse. Lucius did not want to accept the truth, but in the end he had no choice. Whatever these dreams were, they were somehow connected with those five years of missing time. If he ever wanted to have a normal life again, he knew he would have to find out what exactly had happened to him.

The man who had spent so much time researching past lives now turned his skills to his own. He began to ask questions about what “he” had done and how “he” had acted during those five years. He spent countless hours reading over “his” journals, trying to find out who had possessed his body and why. The priests of the temple grew uncomfortable with Lucius’s line of questioning. They wanted this incident buried, not subject to new scrutiny. The high priest begged Lucius to let the past stay in the past, but the librarian could not agree.


Chapter Four Melp