Jorak Dinbeard


History and Bio of Jorak Dinbeard (player Cory Hahn)

SUMMARY: Jorak Dinbeard is a rough talking Dwarf who comes across brutish for those who don’t know him, but has a heart of gold. He picked up his graceful tongue working around other sons of the soil miners. The way they discuss plans and problems is by insulting and swearing at each other though nothing personal is ever met. Ex “You mother-orc-er, you want to dig over here you son of a Human? What if the shaft collapses or some Bull Hobbit like that?”

Jorak will be confused when others get offended, not used to speaking politely and having a low charisma. If a friendly character talks back to him in the same way, he will often listen more readily or even respect them more, He is actually very accepting of all races and peoples. He is still slightly ashamed of being a druid, but does enjoy helping nature out. He is also miserly, and hates to spend money, his only greedy vice that did not disappear. He also is a glutton eating lots of food when able. He also suffers from flashbacks as a result of a mine collapse. He feels no anxiety or discomfort on being in mines or dungeons, its just that loud rock falling noises may set him back

Jorak is trying to find his way as a Druid, and is not sure of his path. He thinks the answer will come to him through adventuring.

HISTORY: Jorak was a pretty typical Dwarf, loved eating, drinking and the mines. He worked in the mines as manual labour, hauling minerals, swinging a pick axe and cleaning up. Jorak had planned to eventually train as a warrior, join the clan army and earn a spot in history as a great warrior; as a result he didn’t undergo any training that would make mining a profession or learning it as a craft. He enjoyed gluttoning himself on any food he could find, especially food as cheap as he was.

The dwarf mine and village were located next to a dense forest, which Jorak loved to visit, after work as well as during work breaks, though he would never admit ho much he loved these visits to himself or anyone else, being a respectable dwarf. It was on one of these visits that he met a half-elf druid named Buldres. The two struck up a friendship and would often meet together and talk about what Jorak thought to be idle topics. Jorak as fascinated by Buldres talk of nature and animals, he dismissed this as interest in learning something new.

After a few years, Buldres offered to teach Jorak some of the secret ways of the druids. Jorak didn’t know much about the druids, but knew they guarded their mystical knowledge at all costs from outsiders, so being a greedier dwarf than he is now, and being allured by the sexiness of the forbidden knowledge Jorak agreed. For years Buldres slowly taught Jorak the ways of a druid, Jorak learned how to handle animals, understand nature, the druidic language and the principles of casting spells.

One day while working in the mines, a faulty mine shaft collapsed in a giant cloud of dust and rubble with a loud bang. Jorak was separated from the others, could hear the screams and panic as he thought they were being crushed. He spent the next 2 days, buried alive and in terror. Eventually a Dwarfish rescue team managed to dig him out. As it so happened Jorak was the only one who had been buried and other than a few bruised and battered dwarves, there were miraculously no casualties.

Jorak could understandably not return to the mines for a few weeks. When he did he experienced anxiety, depression and far worse, when rocks fell and made loud noises (which happened often when one mines) he would stop in one place for several minutes, not moving except for his mouth which would silently mouth words which no one could understand. Jorak would not respond to questions or commands until the spell was past and he was free of the flashbacks to the mine collapse.

Realizing that mining wasn’t working out he became lost, not sure what he ought to be doing in life. He mellowed out became less greedy overnight. Jorak turned to Buldres for guidance, and was told that Buldres had known since the day he met him, that Jorak’s destiny was to be a druid. Jorak being a respectable dwarf, at first adamantly denied this, but agreed to go to a druid meeting later on in the week.

Jorak went and though he was the only dwarf, the other druids welcomed him as a brother. He was moved by the speeches of nature and began the trials necessary that night to become a druid. He also gained his animal Companion Cowl the Owl.

Jorak passed the trials and has just come out to his Dwarf friends and family about his lifestyle choice of being a druid. At first everyone was shocked but have come to accept it. Some even claim that thinking back they could have seen warning signs.

Jorak is now uncertain of what to do. He knows that questing and adventuring is what a lot of druids do and appeals to him more than hanging around in the forest doing nothing, satisfying in him in a small way his past dream of being a warrior of glory. Now he’s fighting for nature. Buldres has recommended taking the first ship out and going to explore where the other PCs are now. He has only been an official druid for about a week and is painfully aware of how rare dwarf druids are, and is prepared for the inevitable ridicule to follow. Jorak is still a little sheepish when it comes to the fact that he is a Druid, but he is ready to help.

Jorak Dinbeard

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