Chapter Four

Session 2
Start the Investigation

Players Present

Planting 5th (continued)

The story picks up in Freeport where it left off last session. The party decides to search Lucius’ house. Egil shows them where it is, and then departs for his job at the Temple of Aarth. Once inside, the party searches for quite a while before finding anything of interest. Eventually, they find a to do list written by Lucius. Among other, more mundane items, is “Talk to Captain Scarbelly”, as well as “Update Diary” and “Examine Travel Logs”.

As it is approaching evening, the group heads to the The Scholar’s Quill, the inn recommended by Egil. After they finish dinner, they hang out in the taproom. Braast disappears on his own mysterious business. A couple of strangely matched people approach, asking if they know Captain Rollo. Once their identities are confirmed, they hand over a letter written in Orcish that Rollo discovered among the papers taken from Scarbelly’s cabin. The letter is written to Scarbelly from Master Wizard Kenzil and has exact information about where a certain staff can be found in Ishta’s cabin on the Coral Princess. It looks like Kenzil was looking for that staff in particular and hired Scarbelly and his crew to acquire it. The two newcomers, Darius and Jorak, decide that this looks like an interesting group and ask to join the party.

Planting 6th

In the morning, they go to the temple of Aarth and request an audience with High Priest Thuron. They are met by his assistant, Milos, who says that such a meeting is impossible since Thuron is extremely busy with important temple matters. Milos will try to answer their questions. In the end, his answers don’t satisfy the party. He seems to feel that searching for “any librarian that fails to report to work” is a waste of time. He has not heard of Kenzil, and only knows Scarbelly by his reputation as a notorious pirate.

After this frustrating meeting, the group splits up. Braast, Daruis, Heylyn, and Jorak go to the docks to see if anyone there saw Lucius book passage on a ship leaving Freeport. Ishta, Kindric, Nathen, and Talis return to Lucius’ house to see if there is anything they might have missed. They cast detect magic upstairs and in the basement, but discover nothing new. They then head to rejoin the others at the docks. After a fruitless afternoon of searching, they are returning to the Scholar’s Quill for the evening to make plans for the next step of their search.

The party is almost back to the inn, and are passing through a narrow alley, when they are ambushed by a gang. There are several crossbowmen on the roof, some swordsmen, and a mage. During the battle, the close quarters means that the sneakier members of the party can’t work effectively and Braast almost dies (twice). It is a very tough fight, but eventually the party is victorious. As the bodies of their foes are being looted, they find some treasure, as well as a note.

End of session.

Session 1
The beginning

Players Present

Planting 1st

Our story begins on a ship. A number of various people have set sail on The Coral Princess, a passenger/light cargo ship sailing to various ports around the Aerdi Sea. The ship is owned by Captain Rollo, and is run by himself, first mate Ranella and a crew of 12 human sailors.

The passengers are Ishta, Heylyn, Kindric, Nathen and Talis.

At this point, it is the evening of the 1st of Planting, and the Coral Princess has been at sea for 2 days, sailing from Rel Astra to Freeport.

The ship is awakened around 2am by the lookout calling a warning that the ship is under attack! By the time the crew and party reach the deck, there is a smaller ship (The Bloody Vengeance) alongside, and several orc pirates have already boarded. The pirates attack furiously, and the crew defends their ship with the help of the passengers. In the commotion of battle, no one notices a dark figure sneaking down into the hold.

The fight is barely underway when it is noticed that smoke is coming from the hold of the Coral Princess. Any available crew members immediately go to fight the fire, and as the orcs are killed off, the victors also join the efforts. Again, no one notices the small stealthy figure slipping out of the hold, until Nathen hears a boat being launched from the pirate ship. He doesn’t get a good look at the fleeing figure, but manages to put a couple of arrows into someone rowing away in the dark.

By the time the fight is over and the fire put out, all the pirates are dead, with the exception of one who made his escape in a rowboat. As things are wrapping up, a half-orc is seen emerging from the forecastle. Before Nathen and Talis can attack, he convinces them that his name is Braast and he was a prisoner forced to serve Captain Scarbelly and his crew. His weapons, personal effects and some papers he picked up in Scarbelly’s cabin are confiscated by Captain Rollo until he is convinced that the newcomer means no harm to his ship. Rollo claims the Bloody Vengeance as his own; Ranella and several sailors are put aboard the pirate ship and sail alongside the Coral Princess to Freeport.

Once the dust settles, it is discovered that a staff is missing from Ishta’s cabin, which is near to where the fire was started. This staff has special significance to Ishta, and she is quite upset at its disappearance. At her insistence, the ship is searched, but nothing turns up. It is generally agreed that the staff was probably stolen by the pirate that got away.

Planting 2nd-4th

The rest of the journey to Freeport is uneventful. The passengers and crew rest from their battle, and the passengers begin to get to know each other.

Planting 5th

Once the two ships reach Freeport, the newly-formed party disembarks. They haven’t even reached the end of the dock before they meet a welcoming party that confirms Freeport’s reputation as a rough town. A press-gang of 8 sailors attack, attempting to capture some new “recruits”. The gang is surprised that their supposed easy marks are a lot tougher than they thought. In less than a minute, the entire gang is dead, except for one that dove into the water and swam away.

As the party is catching their breath, a man in robes approaches them and offers them a round in a nearby tavern if they listen to his proposal. Once their mugs are full, he introduces himself as Brother Egil, a priest at the local Temple of Aarth. He offers the group 50gp each if they can locate his friend Lucius, who has gone missing. Lucius is a childhood friend of Egil who went on to become a librarian at the temple of Aarth, while Egil entered the priesthood. About 5 years ago, Lucius suddenly began asking very strange questions, and seemed to remember nothing of his personal life. Several months later, he was kicked out of the temple for violating the sanctum. At this point, he left Freeport, only to return 4 years later, seemingly his old self. He remembered nothing of his time away, only that he thought he had traveled widely. He begged to be readmitted to the temple, but his petition was denied. He eventually managed to get a private meeting with High Priest Thuron, who accepted him back for unknown reasons. Everything seemed normal until a couple of months ago, Lucius started to look haggard and he admitted that he wasn’t sleeping well. He began asking questions about what he had been like just before his expulsion. Thuron spoke to him, but Lucius wouldn’t let it go. Lucius appeared to be on the brink of insanity, and then failed to show up for work 2 days ago and hasn’t been seen since.

The party accepts the job, and Egil recommends an inn, The Scholar’s Quill. He also offers to show the group Lucius’ home in the hope that they might find a clue to his current whereabouts. Egil also asks that his name be left out of their investigations, as his superiors have told him to concentrate on his work, and stop wasting time on an erratic librarian.

End of session.


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