Welcome to Chapter Four!

This is the wiki for our campaign. Have a look around, especially at the Adventure Log. If you are a player (you know who you are), you will need to register on this site and let me know what your user name is so I can invite you to join the group. Then you need to create a page for your character, and join the campaign. You don’t actually need to put any info on your character page (although you can if you want). I can fill in any pertinent information as necessary. It would help if you could set up your page ASAP. It makes it much easier for me to edit things as I go, instead of changing everything later.

Once you’re in the campaign, you can edit most of the pages that you have access to (I do have a few secrets).

You can also post replies to various posts if you have something to say.

If you are not a player (in this game anyway), you can still have a look around!


Check out the new Game Day Schedule page! Let me know as soon as you know if you can play.

Chapter Four

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